Your video must not exceed 2GB or 10 mins.

If you change your resolution on your video camera to 720x480 and video quality to 'normal' this will upload quickly and smoothly.

How to Upload Your Video to You Tube. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Creating an Account with You Tube.

Create a GMail account if you haven't got one already. 

Once you have your GMail account open, click on the YouTube link found at the top of the page.

It automatically has you signed in to YouTube.

2. Uploading the Video to You Tube.

Click on the link below and watch a You Tube video on how to do it.

Upload a Video to You Tube  (the yellow UPLOAD button is now white and sits to the left of your name in the top left corner of YouTube.)

3. Embedding the URL into the Video URL section on this site.

Once you can view your video on YouTube, see under your video the button that says ‘Share’,

Click on the ‘Share’ button,

Then click on the ‘Embed’ button,

A boxed area shows up text that is already highlighted.

Click copy and

Then click on the “Video URL” section on the Posting page of Local Notices and click paste.

There is also an instructional video on the Home Page.  VIEW VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Done! Congratulations.