We Build Communities Online!

Our Vision

Our vision is to BUILD COMMUNITIES online visually. To provide the 'Expression of a Community' to all locals and visitors through videos.

To honour and raise up the many who make a community who and what it is.

Our Aim

To provide the best visual representation of a community online anywhere.

To provide a simple, easy to use platform which will be utilised by the community to promote the communities resources and assets, therefore making a community a memorable place to live and visit.

That we embrace community unity where locals support locals and Local Notices services the locals.

That we help in educating and supporting a community to join the stampede to move online through local area managers.

That through our online presence we aid to ensure that existing businesses, cottage industries, clubs and associations continue to thrive and are sustainable through a great value marketing and branding platform.

That we offer outrageous customer service and that it inspires others in the community to do the same.

That we encourage people to shop local, employ local, support local and enjoy being local.

Who We Are

We are a group of people just like you, and our local area managers have a heart for their community.

A Community

Our communties are based on LGA's (local government authority areas).  Very large LGA's may have been split into 2 or more communities to make each community workable.

The 'Where Am I' link provides the ability to find which is your community by simply typing in your postcode or suburb name.  While we have endeavoured to ensure that each suburb is placed in the correct community group please feel welcome to contact us if you feel we are mistaken.

Marketing Today

Marketing today both online and offline can be prohibitive to many, so Local Notices provides a more financially sustainable medium.

A whole year to market yourself is super affordable. Less than a $1 a week.

Local Notices Provides the ability to:

Post Notices and Events.

Promote your home business.

Create a new business through buying and selling on Local Notices.

Share art and craft information.

Post items you want to sell.

For Buying and Swapping things.

What Real Estate is for sale.

Job Vacancies.

Post Lost and Found animals and items.

Have your say.

Find that handyman.

Check out specials on the Coupon Page.

Let the community know about what's happening of interest in the community.  Include things like births, engagements, marriages, hints and tips.

We look forward to ideas to improve this site for everyone. If a town wants to be included we would love to hear from you.  Please let us know why you would like to be included. 

If you are interested in being a local area manager/s then contact us on the navigation menu below on 'Area Manager Info'.

We like constructive and forward thinking and ignore complaints. We like to see people and organisations raised up. All care has been taken in providing the local community with a user friendly environment. Please keep in mind that there are all ages and people from all walks of life accessing this site. Keep the site clean and fun.

It is simple and easy to use with visual tutorials and FAQs.

So, hop on and let everyone know what is happening for you and to you.

 "Local Notices, the first and best visual 'search engine' for the Local Community that 'serves and services locals'."


The Local Notices Team